Investing In Jobs, Education, And The Economy


Over the past few weeks it has been a pleasure to join the Leader of Bridgend Council, Councillor Huw David and other councillors to “turn the turf” as we start building new facilities for young and older citizens of the borough:

  • the building of excellent new primary school facilities at Bettws, also enhancing the Welsh language provision in the North of the county
  • a new primary school at Brynmenyn fit for the 21st Century, with outdoor areas and playing fields which they are currently lacking
  • fantastic new extra-care facilities and supported independent-living in Tondu and Maesteg for older citizens who need additional care in their later years

These and many other landmark investments are happening thanks to Labour Bridgend County Borough Council and Labour Welsh Government investing in our area DESPITE continuing harsh cuts imposed by the Conservative UK government since 2010. The massive cuts to funding to Wales under the Conservatives can’t be wished away, but thank goodness for a local authority and Welsh Government who are still investing in the education of our young people so they all have the best chance in life, and in the quality of care for our elderly so they can enjoy the best of their later years.

On a larger issue affecting the whole region, we have recently signed-off on the multi-billion pound investments of the Cardiff City Region and the Swansea City Region deals. Whilst the Bridgend area falls within the Cardiff Region deal, make no mistake, both initiatives will affect us directly, and have the potential to grow the well-paid jobs and opportunities which will lift the economy here.

This pattern of investment locally and regionally is just what we need for Bridgend and for Wales. It shows real ambition for jobs now, and rising prosperity to come.

(This also appeared as an article in the Glamorgan Gazette in March 2017)


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